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Welcome to ASDfriendly! I hope you enjoy it here as much as we all do. This page is designed to tell you the basics about the site.


Click here to be taken to the online registration form.

Please take a minute to read the terms and conditions. After reading these at the bottom of the page you will be required to tick a box accepting these terms and conditions, then click ‘continue registration’. If you have any questions about the terms and conditions please email administrator AT

You need to pick a user name. This is the name you will use to log in and a display name which is what will be displayed on the forum. You are free to choose any name but please be aware that if the administration team deem your name to be inappropriate for any reason your account may not be validated.

Your email address will not appear on the forum unless you want it to. Please use a valid email address as this will be used to validate your account.

Please pick a password that you will remember and do not disclose it to anyone.

Once you have completed this process your account information will be sent to you via email so that you can confirm your account details. Your account will then be sent to the administration team who will activate your account. This is done to prevent trolling and spam accounts being set up. It can take up to 24 hours to become active. You will be notified via email when this process is complete.

Introduce yourself

Ok, now you’re a member of the ASDF community it’s time to introduce yourself to the other members. The easiest way to do this is by going to the discussion forum and choosing the ‘coming and going’ section. This is the place where we welcome new members and let people know if we are, for example going on holiday for a week. Click on the ‘coming and going’ section and you will see a list of people's introduction posts. Let's create one for you.

Top right you will see a button called ‘start new topic’. Click on this and you will have a page to type in. 

You can add a topic title such as “Hello new to the forum” or “Hi from a London Mum”. You must add a topic title. You can also add a short topic description if you want but you do not have to.

Slightly further down the page is a large box for you to write your topic in. It is up to you have much information you give, and if you use nick names or real names. Most people choose to write something like the following example.

Hi my name is (insert real or nick name), I live in the north of the UK with my partner and 3 children. D (using child initial or a nick name is common practice) my eldest son is 14 and was diagnosed with Asperger's earlier this year. F and S are 4 year old twin boys. I look forward to getting to know you.

Then all you need to do is click ‘post new topic’ at the bottom of the page.

Congratulations you have made your first post. Many members will come along and welcome you to our community.

Take some time to look round the forum, we have different sections from general discussion about Autism and Asperger's to making life easier, medical issues, education, non-asd matters and of course the Island of Sodoff, a place for fun, jokes and laughs.

You are free to post in any of these sections.

A few handy hints

When posting try to use punctuation and paragraphs, it makes posts a lot easier to read. Please avoid using text talk such as “c u l8r” and “b4” again these can be hard to read for some people. We do use some abbreviations such as DP (darling partner), DH (darling husband), DD and DS (daughter and son). We have a page of these common abbreviations which you may like to look at. http://www.asdfriend...

Be polite. We all know Autism is a very emotional topic, people may have different ideas to you on therapies and parenting techniques. Its fine to have different opinions, that's what makes the world an interesting place after all, but be polite when you say you don’t agree.

Use appropriate language. We are not going to ban people for the odd bit of bad language, but if you go over the top or direct them at people, action may be taken against your account.

Other forum features

Personal Messages (PMs). You can send a PM to any other member. This is a private conversation between you and them and is not visible on the main forum. To send a PM look up the member you wish to send the message to. Either using the search function at the top of their page or click on their name next to a post they have written. Either of these actions will take you to their profile page where you will see on the left an option to send them a message. They will be alerted to the new message via email or when they next log in to the forum.

Live chat room. This is a place where people can go to chat about a variety of topics. You can access the chat room from the tabs at the top each page. Below is a list of chat times and topics.

  • Monday 9pm – General chit chat. No fixed topics either ASD or non-ASD.
  • Tuesday 9pm – ASD Chat. Chat about anything ASD related. Other topics will also be covered but ASD related items and questions will take priority.
  • Wednesday 9pm – General chit chat. No fixed topics either ASD or non-ASD.
  • Thursday 9pm – ASD Chat. Chat about anything ASD related. Other topics will also be covered but ASD related items and questions will take priority.
  • Friday 10pm – Pub night. A night of fun and laughs. ASD will generally not be covered but if anyone has a pressing concern they wish to chat to other members about I am sure no one will mind.
  • Sunday 9pm – General chit chat. No fixed topics either ASD or non-ASD.
  • First Thursday of the month 8pm – New members chat. A time for new or inexperienced members to come in to chat and have a go.

At other times there will be debate sessions, information sessions and possibly guest speakers for Q&A events.

For more information about chat please see the pinned thread in the general discussion section or PM Munchkin.


ASDF have an account on Bookmooch. This is a global book site, where books can be sent to any of our members upon request.  This doesn't have to be Autism related, but can be anything that you or your children would enjoy. Please browse the Bookmooch catalogue on their site and request things you would like on our BookMooch thread (which can be found here) The book will be requested on your behalf and sent to your home address free of charge. There is no cost involved.

Please have a look at the thread for more information or PM Kinkybooks or Miss Mac on the forum.

Daily Quiz

Fancy a bit of trivia? Pitch your wits against other members on our daily quiz.


Munchkin also writes our monthly newsletter. You can contribute to it by sending her a PM and read past editions of our news letter here.

Who to contact and when

The forum is supported by a team of administrators and moderators. They are other parents, not staff; they do not get paid.

If you have a question relating to the forum please contact one of the people below. If you have concerns about a post or comment on the forum please use the ‘report’ function. Below every post on the forum on the left is a ‘report’ button. Please click this and fill in the report form which will be sent to the administration and moderation team and dealt with as soon as possible.

The administration team comprise of

Bart (Technical support only)


Grumpy Old Man


Miss Mac

The general moderation team comprises of

Fitzy (currently on leave from the forum)







Munchkin moderates the chat room, assisted by Janey, Tatty, Phobia09 and Stelu.

Please remember the administration and moderation teams are very busy people with families and some with work commitments. They will respond as quickly as possible but have to prioritise requests and queries. 

You can also email the administration team at administrator AT

What does ASDfriendly mean to me?

It helps me feel my life is "normal" and has helped my relationship with my son, as i understand him better. 

-- Weller23 

Upcoming Social Events

Legoland, Windsor.

Currently being rearranged due to wasp invasion!

Anyone is welcome. Full details of the meet on this thread.

London Lunch

Saturday 23rd October 2010

Parents' and Carers' Day Out (lunch and beyond!)

Full details on this thread.

Hope to see you there!

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